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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

How Safe Is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

Women are special beings. A woman can give birth more than once, but loses this ability with age. As you all know, women are welcomed to womanhood once her menstrual cycle begins. For several years, women experience this so called menstrual cycle regularly every month, until they reach the menopausal stage. The menopausal stage of a woman marks the end of her childbearing capability. However, the menopausal stage is not as simple as it seems.

When a woman is in the menopausal stage, she suffers from many different body pains, thus becoming quite irritable. In order to help soothe the pain felt during the menopausal stage, doctors highly recommend women to undergo hormone therapy, particularly a bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

In the menopausal stage, the estrogen level of a woman rapidly decreases. When the estrogen level is too low, it will create many problems that will lead to serious illnesses. Bioidentical hormone replacement is one of the ways on how you can increase the estrogen count in a woman’s body.

There is a need to maintain a well-balanced hormone level in the body. These hormones don’t only function as reproductive agents, but they also help keep the woman healthy. Now just imagine what happens to a woman if these hormones suddenly drop in number. This is another reason why you should consider getting bioidentical hormone replacement.

Benefits of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

Here are some of the known benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement:

  1. Helps you get energized

Having a well-balanced hormone level will keep you energized all day long. The hormones have some properties that can potentially alter your mood. Did you notice how tired you feel whenever you are having your monthly period, when in fact you really didn’t do anything all day? That is another effect of hormonal change. So just imagine how much happier you will become if these hormones are kept at the ideal levels.

  1. Helps protect your bones

Research has shown that estrogen and testosterones have certain properties that help prevent bone loss. If you keep your hormones in the right level, it means you will have lesser chances of getting osteoporosis. This simply means that you can still do many physical activities even at the age of 50.