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Chiropractor Monroe NC

At Infinite Wellness Center, our team of experienced chiropractic physicians work alongside our physical medicine providers to create a comprehensive chiropractic service that will alleviate your pain and help you live pain-free for an extended amount of time after your appointment.

As a leading Monroe chiropractic clinic, we offer a variety of advanced cutting-edge techniques that not only help our patients quickly feel pain relief, but also train their bodies to manage and alleviate pain faster and longer than if they just used typical medication and therapy practices.

Our team of chiropractic physicians are skilled in a variety of areas, such as chiropractic neurology. Some of the most common conditions we treat with chiropractic care include; headaches, neck pain, backache, sports injuries, chronic pain, and scoliosis.

Pain Management Monroe NC

Infinite Wellness Center is proud to be a leading pain clinic Monroe NC. Ensuring our patients experience pain relief and are making progress with their pain management is our top priority. This is why we utilize a comprehensive team of occupational therapists, chiropractors, and medical doctors to create a comprehensive treatment plan that will immediately kickstart your pain management.

We offer a variety of pain management including back pain & neck pain relief, headache treatment, knee pain, and neuropathic pain natural treatment. Specifically, our back pain & neck pain relief is among our most popular services.

We utilize a variety of methods to help alleviate back and neck pain, including chiropractic care, trigger point therapy, physical rehabilitation, and spinal decompression therapy. With our therapy options, you won’t have to worry about constantly taking medication or undergoing invasive surgery in order to alleviate your back or neck pain. Instead, you will be on the path to recovery with natural solutions that not only target and stimulation progress in your back and neck, but are generally beneficial to the rest of your body and overall health.

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