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Possible Reasons Why My Knee Feels Tight

Have you ever tried feeling like your knees are tied together tightly when there isn’t any band on your leg? If you have, then that is probably an indication that the muscles in your legs are sore, strained, or inflamed. There are also other possible reasons why the knee feels tight sometimes which include fluid build-up, disintegration of meniscus, ligament injury, tendonitis, and many others.

Whenever my knee feels tight, I think about its possible causes. Since I have an active lifestyle, I assume that when my knee feels tight, it’s normal. However, the tightness often comes with swelling and warmth, so that set off an alarm to me. So, I did my own research and found out a variety of reasons why my knee feels tight. It turns out that I overworked my muscles due to the physical activities I engaged in days before. After knowing such cause, I immediately researched for effective knee exercises to prevent it from happening again. Luckily, there are some exercises developed to treat knee pain specifically.

Exercises That I Do Whenever My Knee Feels Tight

Let me share to you some of the exercises that I do every time my knee feels tight:

  1. Standing Knee Stretch

To perform this exercise, you only need to find a stable wall. When you find one, stand straight while facing the wall. Make sure that your feet are apart at hip width. Put your arms in front of you so that it touches the wall. Move your right leg one step back while you push yourself towards the wall and bring your leg back to its initial position when you pull your shoulders back up. Do this for at least 5 reps.

  1. Wall calf stretch

The wall calf stretch can help you release the tension from your calf, thus alleviating the knee pain that comes with it. Stand straight while facing a wall. Extend your right leg and flex your foot against the wall. Make sure that your heel stays on the ground and your toes elevated while you hold the position for about 5 seconds. Do this with the other foot and repeat a couple of times.