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Why Does My Knee Feel Tight


Common Answers To Why Does My Knee Feel Tight


Knee problems hit approximately 2 out of 10 people regardless of age, gender, occupation and lifesyle. One of the most common knee problems heard from most people is why does my knee feel tight. But such a symptom can have a variety of reasons.

It won’t be until you’ve pinned down the root cause to the stiffness or tightness of your knees that you will find the appropriate solution. That’s why learning the source to the question why does my knee feel tight is key to your healing and recovery.


5 Reasons Why Does My Knee Feel Tight


  1. Certain knee injuries induce the secretion of excess synovial fluid which makes them occupy a large portion around your joints inhibiting certain movements. Most swelling are accompanied by excess fluid development which answers why does my knee feel tight.
  2. When an injury has made a big impact on your joints, there’s a tendency for the impact to change the structure of your kneecap or ligaments. If the dislocation has changed your knee’s orientation, it will confuse their movements and feel stiff or locked sometimes.
  3. When you are in deep pain due to physical knee trauma, it reduces your mobility and weakens the muscles that support yourr knees’ movements. This induces further tightness because of lack of physical activity.
  4. If you have a condition such as a fracture, sprain, tears, tumor in your joints, gout and other injury, your knee that’s out of its usual alignment would strain your mobility and make your knee stiff.
  5. There are animal bites, mostly from dogs and cats, that can infect and irritate your tendons contributing to the sensation of stiffness or tightness in your knees.


It’s important to know your condition or have it diagnosed correctly by your physician first before treating yourself with any drug available at your local pharmacy. While over the counter drugs, liniment oils and other topical treatments provide immediate relief, they only provide short-lived remedy most times. But for a long-term cure, consult the appropriate medical practitioner such as a physical therapist, chiropractor or orthopedist to give the right answer to the question why does my knee feel tight.