Different Types of Chronic Knee Pain Medication

There are different types of chronic knee pain medication available in the market. Chronic knee pain can affect you in various ways. It can inevitably affect the quality of your life and your productivity. This is the reason why it is highly recommended that you find a reliable recurring knee pain medication to help you address your discomfort. To give you some ideas regarding different types of medication to help you with this problem, see the list below:

List of Chronic Knee Pain Medications

Analgesics – These are one of the primary over the counter medication that you can access to help address knee pain. However, you must note this chronic knee pain medication is only limited to addressing pain. Meaning it may only offer temporary relief, particularly if your pain is associated with inflammation.

Codeine Preparation – This is another type of medication that you can take to relieve knee problems. This medication is a much stronger pain reliever than your regular analgesic. People with chronic knee pain use to start with smaller doses of codeine. However, through time many of them begin to develop immunity with its effect, which forces them to increase dosage. This is one of the primary reasons why doctors advise patients to save codeine only during their worst days to prevent developing immunity to the product.

Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDS) – These come in two forms. One requires a prescription and the order form are the ones you can get without a prescription. This product is an effective recurring knee pain medication that helps get rid of both pain and inflammation. It is because of this why NSAIDS offer faster relief. The only downside of this medication is side effects associated with it due to its potency.

Corticosteroids – This is another chronic knee pain medication that is highly recommended for patients who suffer severe knee pain which causes their knee joint to become immovable. This medication comes in injectable form which can provide fast relief and coupled with its anti-inflammatory components. Like any potent medication there are also some serious side effects that come with this type of medication.

The details provided here are just some of the types of chronic knee pain medication that you can use to help relieve your knee condition and regain your mobility back.