Safely Heal Your Soft Tissue Damage

Infinite Wellness has safe alternative options to heal soft tissue damage without surgery or prescription medications. Whether you’re experiencing tendonitis hip pain, knee pain, or joint pain in other areas, find out if AmnioFix could be the solution to help you feel better, faster!

What is AmnioFix?

AmnioFix is a revolutionary therapeutic treatment option for those diagnosed with tendon or soft tissue damage. Patients that have been through physiotherapy, multiple cortisone injections, bracing, or treated their condition with anti-inflammatory and pain medications with little success have a non-steroidal, non-surgical alternative to relieve pain and heal their injuries.

Micro-tears in soft tissue from overuse or trauma can lead to painful inflammation in the joints and tendons, and over time, scar tissue can begin to form. As the tissue becomes scarred, full recovery becomes more and more difficult. If rest, oral and topical treatments, and other conventional treatment methods fail, a doctor may recommend AmnioFix to facilitate healing. It’s an effective hip, joint, and knee pain relief treatment.

AmnioFix is an amniotic tissue membrane allograft, applied directly to the skin or injured area, that safely protects the collagen matrix of soft tissue speeding up recovery. Each allograft of amniotic membrane tissue contains powerful growth factors, like those already produced inside the body. Growth factors communicate to cells about location of the target site, help it to heal, and regenerate cells to mend the damaged tissue.


AmnioFix is a Safe and Ethical Knee, Joint & Hip Pain Treatment Option

For decades, the use of amniotic tissue has been scientifically evaluated and documented for the successful modulation of inflammation, reduction of scar tissue formation, and the enhancement of the body’s natural healing processes — with no reportable adverse reactions! The entire joint pain treatment process is very short and uncomplicated, and is regularly performed as an outpatient procedure. All amniotic membrane tissue used for AmnioFix allografts are donated by consenting and health-screened mothers scheduled for C-sections. This membrane surrounds the baby, typically discarded after birth. The process of retrieving the membrane is safe for both the baby and delivering mother. For this reason, the process does not carry the same ethical considerations as the use of embryonic tissues.


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