Why My Knee Hurts When I Bend It and Straighten It

Sometimes I wonder why my knee hurts when I bend it and straighten it. Many people say that this condition usually occurs in people who are sedentary, or who spends most of their time seated. However, I live an active lifestyle so the reason as to why my knee hurts when I bend it and straighten it, still remains a mystery to me. This condition bothered me so much, but not enough to convince me to go and see a doctor. So, I decided to research online and found out a variety of reasons that could possibly explain why my knee hurts when I bend it and straighten it.

Among the various reasons I found online, what intrigued me was the so-called Runner’s knee. It’s a condition that commonly affects runners or athletes, as its name suggests. However, this condition can also affect ordinary people. Whenever you have a runner’s knee, it makes you have difficulty in walking, sitting, standing, and even bending your knee. This condition will surely make you feel frustrated, especially if you are fond of doing the said activities.

Instant Knee Pain Relief

Luckily, there are knee pain remedies that you can apply to lessen the pain, or totally get rid of it. Here are some of the things that I do every time my knee hurts when I bend it and straighten it:

  1. Epsom Salt Soak

Epsom salt is surprisingly effective when it comes to treating knee pain. Epsom salt contains magnesium sulphate that acts as a pain reliever. To relieve your knee pain, soak it in a mixture of ½ cup Epsom Salt and warm water. If a large bowl isn’t enough, fill your tub with water and pour in some Epsom salt in it.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

If you don’t have Epsom salt at home, then you can also use an alternative home remedy in the form of apple cider vinegar. Soak your knees in a mixture of warm water and apple cider vinegar. If you think soaking your knee in the mixture is too much, then you can just apply the mixture on your knee directly.