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Why Does my Knee Pop

Why Does my Knee Pop?

Occasionally hearing crackles, snaps, pops, and creaks each time you bend those knees isn’t always the result of arthritis. Sometimes, other joints in your body produce those types of noises once in a while. But is quite common for those with this type of condition.

This type of condition is called ‘crepitus’. The term is mostly applied to the cracking of joints, but you can use it to talk about lung sounds too.

A Closer Look at the Human Knees, to Learn What Makes my Knee Pop

The knee works similarly to a giant hinge. It connects the femur to your long bone of the tibia. There’s a bone in your lower leg called the fibula which is also attached to the joint. The patella, or your kneecaps, is a bone found in your lower leg. This is a tiny convex bone that’s located right in front of your knee, protecting the joint.

There are also two thick pads of cartilage known as the menisci cushion, whose purpose is to hold down and cushion both the fibia and the tibia so there’s no friction involved when they meet. Lubricating and enclosing the joint is a fluid-filled capsule known as the synovium. There are also four ligaments found in your knees – A ligament is a type of flexible and tough band that can be stretched across your joint’s uneven surface. The purpose of the ligament is to connect the bones together.

So where does that knee popping sensation come from? Over time, gas gradually builds up in the areas that surround the joint, creating small bubbles inside the synovial fluid. Each time you bend your knees or elbows, a couple of these bubbles burst, causing the ligaments to pop or snap. If your knee pops too much, then don’t worry – This is completely normal, and happens to everyone pretty often.

Compare this condition to arthritis and even osteoporosis: The breaking of cartilage and bones. Your bones could crack and crunch as you move your damaged knee joints.