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Chiropractor Concord NC

At Infinite Wellness Center, we are proud to offer premium Concord chiropractic care. Our team of chiropractors include four full-time chiropractic physicians and two part-time physicians that are highly trained, educated, and experienced in various specialties, so we can easily accommodate all of our patients’ schedules and needs.

We use cutting edge chiropractic techniques in conjunction with physiotherapy, physical modalities, and rehabilitation to help our patients get out of pain quickly and reap the benefits longer than if they just treated their pain with typical medicine or traditional therapy services.

Our chiropractic care is often used to relieve common conditions, such as; headaches, dizziness, neck pain, backache, and chronic pain. With the help of our chiropractic physicians, your pain will be alleviated, and your body will be able to stimulate and enhance its own recuperative powers.

Pain Management Concord NC

Despite modern medicine and surgeries, pain can be difficult to live with. This is why we have a comprehensive team comprised of occupational therapists, chiropractors, and medical doctors, who are properly educated and prepared to help you effectively manage your pain.

We offer some of the most comprehensive and reputable Concord pain management services that are proven to quickly help our patients feel immediate and long-lasting pain relief. Our pain management services commonly help our patients overcome conditions, such as back pain, neck pain, headaches, knee pain, and hip pain.

We offer an array of treatments ranging from chiropractic care and physical rehabilitation to trigger point therapy and spinal decompression therapy. Regardless of your condition, our team of specialists and doctors are prepared to create a comprehensive pain management plan that will effectively treat your condition and lead you to a road of recovery.

Specifically, our physical rehabilitation services focus on the spine and body. We use a combination of natural and holistic management and therapies in our comprehensive pain relief program. This enables our patients to quickly feel pain relief after undergoing one of our treatments, as well as continue feel relieved from pain for an allotted time after our services. More specifically, our spinal rehabilitative program utilizes chiropractic care, medical pain management, and spinal decompression to decrease inflammation while simultaneously rehydrating and healing your injured discs.

For more information about our physical rehabilitation services, as well as any of our pain management treatments, give us a call today and schedule a consultation!

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