Helping my neighbor offload a Big Green egg from the back of his pickup truck, I heard a pop in my shoulder. Immediately I experienced dead arm. I could not move my arm in any direction. While I did experience very modest improvement over the next month to six weeks, it was clear to me that my arm required medical attention. Off to the Orthopedic for evaluation. The result was a prognosis of a partially torn rotator cuff requiring surgery to repair. Along the way my friend told me about one of his family members who also had shoulder issues requiring surgery and the family member went to Infinite Wellness for a consultation. My friend explained that Infinite Wellness was successful in repairing the should WITHOUT surgery. Now this piqued my interest. Off to Infinite Wellness I go.

The Infinite Wellness diagnosis matched that of the Orthopedic – a partially torn rotator cuff. A consultation ensued with Jennifer. She explained all the ins and outs as well as all associated costs in pursuing Prolozone Therapy. Jennifer also explained the wholistic approach Infinite Wellness applies which includes physical therapy, laser treatment along with chiropractic care, all in tandem with Prolozone Therapy.

Having validated the diagnosis, and offering an alternative to surgery, all at a fraction of the cost I would have incurred with an Orthopedic surgeon, I elected to give Infinite Wellness a try. What a great decision that was! I felt marginal relief after the 1st treatment, along with consistent incremental relief upon each treatment thereafter. Today, my shoulder is back to 100%.

The office visits for each treatment are something I’ve never experienced before. I’m no spring chicken at 63 years old so I have quite a bit of experience in this regard. ALL the personnel who work at Infinite Wellness (Fort Mill location) are TOP NOTCH. When you arrive, you are joyfully greeted by Kate at the front desk. At your appointment time, you are whisked off by one of the many joyful Medical Techs that quickly and efficiently move you from station to station performing the litany of treatment & therapy. Imagine that for a minute. No sitting in a waiting room well past your appointment time. No sitting in an examination room for what sometimes seems like an hour waiting for the Doctor to visit with you. In each treatment appointment I had with Infinite Wellness, I was in and out in less than 45 minutes! Dr. Watson and Megan are real professionals, providing real value along with terrific care. You can tell the entire staff values both your business and your time. Wow – what a concept.

Infinite Wellness has earned my highest recommendation. Give them a try, my bet is that they’ll earn your highest recommendation too!


I have been suffering with constant knee and back pain for over 20 years. My major convern was the fact that I was in pain and walked humped over. The pain made it difficult to do any physical activities. I thought I was going to suffer from it for the rest of my life.

I found Infinite Wellness on the internet and started coming in February. I am proud to say my results are amazing. The Wellness Center has helped me beyond my imagination. These treatments have helped so much that now I feel good and have more energy. I can walk without being humped over and actually feel like doing things!

Regina C.

I have experienced back pain and numbness in my right arm at times for 6 years. Despite living a healthy lifestyle with exercise the pain continued to worsen. I also had major problems with my sciatic nerve. I was often unable to sit down, woke up with pain at night and would be stiff in the morning. I had trouble putting on socks, could no longer go for walks, and even housework was painful.

After one month of coming to Infinite Wellness I am 90% pain free. I actually have days without any pain. I am mobile, walking the dog again, can touch my toes and am able to bend without pain!

Bettina S.

A little background on me. I am 85 years old and have been walking at least 3 miles per day for years. Last year I started having pain on the inside of my right knee that was progressively worse after my walks. I was not going to let this knee pain stop me from taking my daily walks. First thing I did was go to see my Orthopedic surgeon. He determined I had a slight tear in my MCL. He offered a cortisone injection and said we would re-evaluate from there. I did not want steroids or another surgery. Over the years I’ve had surgery on my left knee and both shoulders.

That’s when I found Infinite Wellness on the internet. I came in for a consultation and they felt I was a candidate for their Regenerative Medicine treatments. January 21st I received an injection called AmnioFix. Dr. Schaffer said AmnioFix is full of growth factors that would help heal my MCL. I continued to walk up to 4 miles per day and after 30 days I was still suffering from the pain. In fact I thought my knee actually getting worse. That is when Dr. Schaffer told me to cut back on the walking because my knee needed to heal. After only a few weeks of walking less per day I started to feel much better. Then I decided increase my walking back to 5 miles per day. Now, 9 weeks after my treatment I am proud to say I’m completely pain free! That is even after walking up to 5 miles per day. It is a great feeling to be pain free without having to have surgery. If you are suffering with knee pain and looking to avoid surgery I highly recommend Infinite Wellness. Currently, I am still walking up to 4 miles per day with zero pain.

Ken S.

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