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Infinite Wellness helps people feel better and live more productive and active lives by combining the professional expertise of medical doctors, chiropractic physicians, physician extenders, and a host of other therapists for the best possible care of our patients. We take a holistic approach to care and evaluate all aspects of a person’s health, starting with a comprehensive multi-disciplinary examination with several of our providers to find out if we are the right office for you. Our physicians and chiropractic staff offer an effective way to provide joint pain relief, peripheral neuropathy, headaches, fibromyalgia, and more at each of our locations, which include, Fort Mill SC, Rock Hill SC, Concord NC, and Monroe NC. In addition, we have outstanding weight loss and Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy programs. We now also offer regenerative medicine therapies, including platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP), amniotic growth factors, and regenerative cell therapy.

All new patients at Infinite Wellness receive a detailed consultation for pain management or another condition. If we feel we can be of help to you, you will receive a comprehensive history and physical examination. Our goal is to find and fix the underlying causes of your health problems, not just cover up the symptoms with medication. When working properly, the systems of your body work together in concert and result in overall well-being. Areas of the body that may seem to be unrelated are actually connected, both in wellness and sickness. Our purpose is not just to make you feel better, but to actually have a positive, long-term effect on your total health and quality of life.

If needed, we offer a full array of diagnostic testing including digital x-ray, diagnostic ultrasound, nerve studies, muscle testing, motion assessment, computerized spinal analysis, allergy testing, blood analysis and lab work. We provide a report of our findings to each patient with a recommended treatment plan or referral to the appropriate provider. If we determine this is the right office for you, we will thoroughly review our exam results, our proposed comprehensive plan of care, the expected health benefits, and appropriate patient expectations. We know it is a privilege to be involved in healthcare and very much look forward to the opportunity of serving your healthcare needs.

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