Are you having symptoms of hot flashes, loss of sex drive, fatigue, irritability, depression, brain fog, bone loss, mood swings, or weight gain?  Do you ever have heavy periods, migraine headaches, skin conditions, sleep disturbances, PMS, or anxiety?



Do you struggle with loss of energy and fatigue, muscle weakness, decreased strength and physical performance, or weight gain? Have you been experiencing decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, or a lack of motivation. You may also be experiencing heart disease, diabetes, or bone loss.

Did you know your symptoms might be caused by an imbalance in your hormones?

Would you believe that with Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy you can find relief from these symptoms and put a kick back into your step?

But, why take hormones? Do they really work?

Statistics show that people are living longer lives…but are they necessarily living healthier fulfilling lives??


You don’t have to suffer any longer. As men and women age, the body’s decreased production of hormones can bring these unwanted symptoms and hormonal imbalance. A solution to the problem is bio-identical hormones. Bio-identical hormones are formulated to be the same exact chemical structure as our natural human hormones.  They can help relieve the symptoms of hormonal imbalance and also protect the body from long-term conditions such as osteoporosis, heart disease, high cholesterol, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) works to restore and balance hormone levels naturally, allowing the body to enjoy the full complement of the hormones it had in its youth.  This natural approach can help eliminate most of the unwanted effects and long-term risks of the traditional synthetic hormone replacement therapies.

Infinite Wellness has Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy services that are complete with consultations, lab testing, and physicals.  We can help you balance your hormones with a wellness treatment plan that is customized just for you and get you feeling more energetic and healthier than ever!

What are the steps to hormonal balance?

So… are you are curious about hormones and want to know the next step to take?


At Infinite Wellness, we have a knowledgeable and experienced team, who can provide you with the answers to your questions and guidance to your journey. Here are the ways you can learn more about Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Free Monthly BHRT Seminars

We offer monthly BHRT seminars that will give you lots of great information for you determine if BHRT is right for you. The seminars are FREE, so feel free to bring a family member and/or friend with you.  Call 803-547-4343 to find out seminar dates and to reserve your seat(s).

Schedule a consultation 

Ready to get started your journey to hormone wellness? Call 803-547-4343 to schedule an appointment with Kristen Packard, RPh, BHRT consultant.   We do not file insurance for BHRT services, but some lab costs may be eligible for reimbursement.  Your may pay using your flex-spending account (FSA) , health savings account (HSA), credit card, or CARE credit. Cost of the initial consultation is $199.00. This fee will be applied to your BHRT package if you choose to go forward with treatment.

What can I expect on my first BHRT visit?


After scheduling a BHRT appointment, you’ll then need to complete a BHRT medical history evaluation and bring it with you to your first appointment.  You also many want to bring any recent labs or past/current hormone prescriptions with you to the appointment.  You will sit down with Kristen Packard, RPh, BHRT consultant, for about 1 hour to discuss your medical history, medication lists, diet, lifestyle behaviors, and symptoms. She will also go over the lab testing process and answer any questions you have. If you choose to go forward with BHRT treatment, then you will have a basic physical with our physician or mid-level practitioners.  We’ll give you a saliva/urine testing kit(s) and create an order for serum (blood) testing to a Labcorp drawing site of your choice. Expect your initial BHRT visit to last around 2 hours.

After the lab results come back, you will come back for a follow-up visit to discuss the lab results and get your personalized treatment plan.  We will then call in your prescription(s) to your choice of pharmacy.  Some patients may start seeing results soon after starting hormonal therapy while others it may take one or two months.  Infinite Wellness is committed to you in helping you balance your hormones and feel better as soon as possible!

Are you ready to take the step and learn more? Call us at 803-547-4343 or click the button!

Meet our expert!

Kristen Packard, R. Ph.

She has been a practicing pharmacist for 23 years. Kristen is an honor graduate of Louisiana at Monroe School of Pharmacy. She has worked as a registered pharmacist in hospital, chain, home infusion, chemotherapy, and independent pharmacies as well as a Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) consultant. She was trained in bio-identical hormones in 2012 by PCCA and is mentored by Donna White, BHRT expert and author of “The Hormone Makeover”.

Kristen joined Infinite Wellness Center in 2015 to specialize in working with patients and practitioners to aid in the achievement of optimal hormone balance, adrenal health, and overall wellness with customized Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

She developed an interest in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Consulting after her personal experience with hormonal imbalance. Her passion is to educate and work one-on-one to restore hormonal imbalance that is customized for each individual patient needs. She is experienced in the treatment of andropause in men and menopause in women.

Kristen is married and has three children. She enjoys running, strength training, reading, missions and spending time with her family.