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Injection Therapy

Effective injection therapy will relax the muscles, loosen physical knots, and provide the patient with immediate pain relief so the healing process can begin.

Trigger Point Injection Therapy

When a muscle is overstimulated and cannot relax, painful knots often form.  This may be the result of injury, and is also extremely common in today’s stressful world where too many people spend too much time in front of a computer screen.  Trigger points are muscular pressure points that develop as a result of these knots, and greatly restrict patient mobility.  Patients experience pain both at the site of the trigger point, and in surrounding muscular areas.

Trigger Point Therapy

Infinite Wellness’ providers have the diagnostic skills to accurately pinpoint the origin of your trigger points, ensuring that we provide the best treatment available to alleviate your pain. Trigger Point Injection Therapy administered directly to the trigger point location breaks the continuous cycle of pain and spasm. This allows the muscles to finally relax and the knots to loosen. This provides pain relief and allows the healing process to begin.

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