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Popping Knees

Exercise to Help Stop Popping Knees   

Doing specific exercise routines can help address your popping knees. Popping knees can be a common indicator of a serious knee problem. However, in some cases this can also be due to simple alignment issue in your muscles which directly affects the operation of the joint in your knees.

Muscle alignment issues can cause your knee cap to move into the wrong direction, creating irregularities or imbalance on the bones in your knees. As a result, you can hear some cracking and popping in your knees when you walk the stairs or when you perform movements that require you stretch or bend your knees. When left untreated this imbalance can result in even greater knee problems. To help address this issue, there are certain knee exercises that you can perform. To give you some idea, check out the list below:

Inner Thigh Squat and Side Steps

These two exercises are designed to help develop your outer quad and inner quad muscles. These groups of muscles are usually less developed when compared to your upper thigh muscles. This weakness usually results in the imbalance causing your knee cap to easily slip into an awkward position when exposed to sudden bending or stretching in the knee area. Strengthening your quad muscles near the knee area helps keep your knee cap in place preventing you from suffering from cracking popping knees.

Calf Release

Calf release is a knee exercise that utilizes direct pressure.  Direct pressure applied through this routine result in self myofascial release. Self myofascial release is a technique to help muscles surrounding your knee release tension or tightness that limits the muscles from performing properly. The tightness of the muscles in the knee area can result in unnecessary shifting of pressure on your knee, affecting the performance of your joints. By getting rid of the tension in the muscles, the muscles around your knee can freely extend and support your movement, which rids of the popping and cracking sound.

VMO Activation

Vastus medialis oblique pertains to the tear drop shaped part of the quad muscles located inside of your knee cap. These muscles primarily help in keeping your knee cap in place. Weak VMO can result in easily dislocated knee cap. This is the reason why it is important to strengthen this part of your knee in order to get rid of your popping knees.

The exercise routines provided below are just some of the things that you can implement in your daily routine to help you with your popping knees.